Looking for the Best Termite Inspector & Exterminator in Denver, Colorado?

Termites are a real threat to homes that are made of wood or nearby trees or wooden structures. These little creatures feed on wood and can slowly disintegrate wooded floors, doors, and furniture into clumps of useless wood dust. As much as we want to preserve the smallest insects’ lives, termites can pose danger to your wooded home if they are not prevented to break it apart. That is where our company comes in—we offer you the best pest control service for termite treatment.

We are the #1 Termite Inspectors Denver Has to Offer!

Our company is the most trusted one when it comes to solving local termite problems with high quality but affordable service. Our clients have given feedback on how we are the most reliable and the best option when it comes to termite removal in the city of Denver. Hundreds of clients have gotten their share of the benefits of calling on our company to solve their termite-related woes:

  1. Our termite treatment is proven to be 100% effective. The termites will be surely gone in no time, and your home will be finally free from the termites for a long time. Your household will be maintained of its woodwork for a long period.
  2. All kinds of termite treatment are eco-friendly and natural. The company only uses termite treatment that is proven to be harmless towards people, animals, and plants. It will be safe to approach the treatment area right after the procedure.
  3. Clients can choose their most affordable and preferred package deal. Our company exists to serve you, so your preferences and needs will matter to the overall decision making for the termite removal. We offer various package deals that can fit to your budget so you will not have to think of the cost.
  4. Our company will discuss details with clients from start to finish. The company will be suggesting the best treatments depending on the severity of the case and the budget limit, and we will never do any action without your approval. As always, your opinion and issues are significant to the planning and details for pest extermination.
  5. The extermination will be finished within a day. It will only take a few hours to finish the procedure, so you should not worry about having to postpone activities in your home. It will be safe to move within the house right after the termite removal.

What You Need to Know about Termites

Termites are insects that are considered pests because they feed on wood, thus endangering homes and furniture made from wood. There are two basic types of termites called the swarmers ( they comprise the egg-producing colony) and workers. They are small insects so you should take a closer look at the wooded structures in your home to find them. Workers are 3-4 mm long, while swarmers are 4 mm long. The former can be seen throughout the year, while the latter can usually be seen during the months of March and April. In addition, workers have wings while swarmers do not. We have the means to identify these types, but knowing the difference between the two beforehand can help us suggest the best treatments for termite removal.

Aside from the identification of the type, it would also be beneficial for you to know the signs of an existing termite infestation:

  • Small brown tunnels or chambers on wood structures or furniture. These termites like to make cylindrical holes on the wood they are feeding on. Finding tunnels on wood inside your home is the most obvious sign of termite infestation.
  • Cracked house foundation, or small, brown, and dry tunnels near the home foundation. The home’s foundation is very important in preserving the whole structure, but termites will damage it when they feed themselves. Also, those tunnels they make can be present in mud near the home, so that can also be a sign of the termites’ existence.
  • Floppy floors, ceilings, and walls. The woodwork will weaken if the termites start on eating on them, so floors, ceilings, and walls will go from sturdy at sloppy any time once they start. This is because the wood is already getting hollow while the outside surface still looks intact.
  • Unusual dirty water-like stains. There is a possibility that the termites will leave their previous area with these stains, especially for walls and ceilings.
  • Piles of small pellets and wing shedding. Those small pellets are actually their excrement, and termites will shed their fish scale-like wings at some point in time.

If you have observed these signs in your own home, immediately contact our company so that we can give your home the termite treatment it needs.