Looking for the Best Bed Bug Exterminator in Denver, Colorado?

The old expression “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” can really sound like a cliché, but bed bugs are real as the sun rising every morning. These bed bugs can affect the quality of your sleep and your general physical health, so it would be nice to do something about them before anything worse can happen. But before taking action on exterminating them, you should first identify the problem is certainly caused by bed bugs. Although our company can help you with identifying them, it would better to personally know where they come from and the signs if there really is a bed bug infestation in your home. Knowing beforehand can help you prevent the bed bugs from infiltrating your home, and identify them earlier as possible if there is a present infestation.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that are generally flat insects but are seen as oval-shaped when seen from above. The young ones are as small as the size of poppy seeds, while the adult bed bugs are about a fourth of an inch in accordance to its length. The bed bugs are usually seen with a white, tan, or brown color. These insects suck blood from warm-blooded animals, and people. Bed bugs can live just about anywhere, particularly in very small and unkempt spaces, and inside boxes, suitcases, or other containers that can be forgotten for a long time. Attics, garages, and storage rooms that are not regularly cleaned can also be habitats to bed bugs. But to emphasize, they can live anywhere so it is best to always check all of your bags, boxes, drawers, and rooms.

But then again, these are small creatures, and a fourth of an inch is a little difficult to pinpoint, not to mention the poppy seed-sized hatchlings. Finding them with the naked eye needs luck and patience, but there are other ways to find them out. Luckily, our pest exterminators have identified signs that clearly show you that there are bed bugs nearby:

  • Finding blood stains on the blankets, bed sheets, and pillow cases. This should be obvious especially if there are no mosquitoes in the sleeping area and the people sleeping there did not have a recent injury or wound.
  • Having red and itchy bite marks on body parts, particularly on arms, legs, and face. These bite marks are usually grouped together when seen on the body. The body parts that are regularly exposed to the mattress will be the first targets of the bed bugs.
  • Unidentified and unusual dark spots on the bed or any furniture. These dark spots are actually excrements from the bed bugs, and are obvious signs that they are nearby or in contact with the furniture.
  • Unusual odor coming from the bed or the furniture with these stains. The excrements from the bed bugs will produced a moldy odor that you may found unusual inside your home, especially if you smell it for the first time.

If you observe any of these signs or if you are suspecting of a bed bug infestation, call our company right away to get rid of your bed bug worries.

We are the TOP Bed Bug Exterminator Denver Has to Offer!

Our company has been called on for various local cases of bed bug removal, and we have never disappointed our clients with our safe solutions but affordable services.  Bed bugs can only be completely removed if the best experts will work on them with the best treatments available, and that is why our company is here to help you.

The top bed bug exterminator in Denver guarantees you the following benefits during the bed bug removal:

  • The bed bugs will completely be terminated. The bed bug removal will ensure that all of these insects residing in your home will completely be out in no time. Also, the treatments will ensure that their presence will not be possible in your home for a long time.
  • It will not take more than a day to solve the bed bug problem. Do not worry about having restrictions in using your rooms or home—the only disturbance you will get is the exterminators moving about for a few hours. The treatment will ensure that you can get back to your usual routines right after the bed bug removal.
  • The treatments are sure to be natural and eco-friendly. The bed bug treatment will not affect your family’s health, and will also be perfectly fine for pets, plants, and trees nearby.
  • The company plans with the clients thoroughly. Clients who are clueless about bed bugs can get information from the company itself, and the treatment will not be pushed through without the approval of the clients.
  • We provide the best deals based on your preferences and needs. We will offer the best packages based on the severity of the bed bug problem and your own issues about pest control and the safety of your home.
  • What happens in your home stays in your home. Our company does not tolerate any situation that can disclose our clients’ information. We understand that the neighbourhood knowing about your bed bugs can be a terrible feeling, so we will keep your information only for the sake of helping you with our services whenever you need them in the future.